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Marketing communications is a key component of business… no matter what type or which industry you’re in. 

It’s one of the best methods we have for turning passive looky-loos into actively engaged customers.

To compete in today’s constantly changing marketplace, your content marketing strategies need to be on point. Which makes them the best tools you have for differentiating yourself, educating your prospective customers on the best solution to their problems (your product or service, natch!) and consistently demonstrating your expertise in a credible, value-​driven manner.

In other words, having a solid communication strategy, and plan for execution, makes your entire sales process more efficient… and predictable. Yay to no longer having to waste time dealing with uninterested prospects who are just kicking the tires to see what comes loose!

Below are four ways that I can help you get your message out into the world via an organized, systemized way so that you can spend your time building relationships and making sales.

  • ​hair-On-Fire!
  • 1:1 consulting
  • group mastermind
  • team workshops

Some people find the energy of other enthusiastic and growth-oriented people infectious.

Interesting insights can arise when you are bouncing ideas off like-minded people who you know will help to hold you accountable. If you're the kind of person who thrives in a group setting, this form of coaching might be for you.

  • Each group will meet one time per month over a six-month period. This is important because, while I understand that it's nice to get support and learn new things, I firmly believe that most of your time should be spent putting that information into practice.
  • In addition to the group sessions, you will have six one-hour sessions of personalized, individual coaching during the same six-month period.
  • Though it is a group session, every member will get their moment in the spotlight. The groups are purposefully small (eight members each, at the most) so that each person has an opportunity to speak and get feedback.
  • You will receive learning materials throughout the month that will help you make progress on your individual goals between sessions.
  • There is a private Facebook Group where you will be able to view group materials. You will also be able to use the discussion feed to follow up with other group members.

Over the course of our six sessions, you will develop a business success blueprint that includes:
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Month 1: Defining Your Niche

Month 2: Branding + Identity

Month 3: Go to Market Planning 

Month 4: Sharing Your Story // Enabling Sales

Month 5: Customer Relations

Month 6: Back Office Systems // Track + Measure

Few things will enable you to climb the mountain of success faster than having a mastermind group to help you iron out all of the details and share their best tips for success. If two heads are better than one, then eight heads are surely even better. Right? 

If you like the curriculum but aren't feeling the group vibe, that's cool. I offer this as a one-on-one program to a limited number of people when able. Click here to schedule a time to discuss my current availability.

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