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Marketing communications is a key component of business… no matter what type or which industry you’re in. 

It’s one of the best methods we have for turning passive looky-loos into actively engaged customers.

To compete in today’s constantly changing marketplace, your content marketing strategies need to be on point. Which makes them the best tools you have for differentiating yourself, educating your prospective customers on the best solution to their problems (your product or service, natch!) and consistently demonstrating your expertise in a credible, value-​driven manner.

In other words, having a solid communication strategy, and plan for execution, makes your entire sales process more efficient… and predictable. Yay to no longer having to waste time dealing with uninterested prospects who are just kicking the tires to see what comes loose!

Below are several ways that I can help you get your message out into the world via an organized, systemized way so that you can spend your time building relationships and making sales.

  • ​hair-On-Fire!
  • ​three-month consulting package
  • group masterminds
  • team workshops

Sometimes the challenges you're facing aren't yours alone and your whole team needs ​help to continue moving forward.

I design workshops around your specific concerns. It is my intention with them to help ignite team members so that your business can run on the group’s collective creative passion. Through these workshops I will help your team:

  • Become more innovative and lose their fear of thinking outside-of-the-box.
  • Realize what is most important to move forward and build goals around those insights.
  • Learn how to properly showcase the greatest attributes and benefits of your product or service to customers.
  • Build a solid communications foundation.

Team workshops take place over the course of one day, which can be run at your own location. Please keep in mind that there is a set limit of 12 participants because individual attention is important... which is difficult to do with more than a dozen team members per session.

Popular topics include:

  • Advances in Reputation Management
  • Branding 101
  • Business Processes and Workflows
  • Creating a ​Marketing ​Plan
  • Creativity as an Enabler of Growth
  • Designing Delightful Customer Experiences
  • Email Marketing for Lead Nurturing
  • ​Establishing​ a ​Content ​Marketing ​Foundation
  • Knock-O​ut Presentation Skills
  • Leveraging the ​Power of ​Stories for ​Organizational ​Growth
  • ​Marketing Fundamentals
  • Psychographics of Marketing
  • Persuasive Selling to the Sophisticated Buyer
  • ​Referral M​arketing as a Cornerstone Tactic
  • Sales Funnels that Convert
  • Seamlessly ​Integrating ​​Content ​Across ​Multiple ​Channels
  • Small Business Pricing Strategies
  • Strategic Content Curation

After the workshop, I won't abandon you! ​

  • All participants are entitled to email or Voxer support for 30 days following the workshop. (Voxer is instant messaging, voice messaging, video messaging and more all rolled into one convenient app.)
  • They will also receive materials that will help to further reinforce and implement important concepts.
  • In addition, each has the option to book three individual coaching sessions at a reduced rate.

About Me

I help heart-centered ​solopreneurs design ​​communication strategies​ to launch their products and services, nurture their audiences and grow their businesses.

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231 E. Buffalo Street, Suite 202, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Email: hello@hubandcompany.com