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The tour bus is all packed up and I'm ready to roll into a venue near you.
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getting the media to talk about you

Does your audience's 2024 marketing plan include media relations? It should! PR is one of the best ways to build trust and credibility without draining your bank account. Let me help them get started.

storytelling for small biz growth

Marketing through stories is powerful — much more memorable than simply reciting facts and stats. Let me help your audience learn the five stories they need to be ready to share at the drop of a hat.

five tips for writing captivating copy

There are five ingredients necessary to craft a cocktail that will tickle the toenails of anyone at any time. Once your audience learns the framework, they'll never be at a loss about what to write again. 

best ways to build buzz in 2024

Whether you're launching a coaching program, unveiling a creative project, or seeking to deepen connections with your clients and fans, building buzz is crucial. Let me show you how to write copy that captivates your audience and elevates your brand.


buzz on the street...

Andrea is a gem! Her ability to break down ideas clearly and thoroughly while helping business owners understand their audience is priceless. She’s a master of her craft and truly shines every time she steps up on stage!

Israa Alrawi - Email Marketing Strategist + Deliverability Specialist

We’ve become fast friends. Not only is she REALLY good at what she does, she also shares her gifts unselfishly. She wants to help you. We run a room together and I love the amazing she always brings. You won’t regret following Andrea, you’re gonna learn something!

Keith Pelchat - Marketing Technology Consultant

Andrea helped us with strategic planning as we prepared to launch a new location. She helped us select multiple target audiences and then create a plan to reach each of them in a unique and dynamic way as we approached our launch date. She was not just competent, but creative, and willing to work with our team to ensure things looked and felt just right. We appreciate her hard work, dedication to our story and passion for what she does.

Jodi Tonarelli - Executive Pastor, The Ridge Community Church

Andrea's rooms are always intentional, organized and educational. But what I appreciate the most is that she creates such an amazing community vibe that encourages interaction. Whenever I see one of her rooms, I know it will be time well-spent.

Jena Bagley - Email Marketing Success Coach, AWeber

becoming a member of the vip posse is like being treated to bottle service every time you open your email!

That’s right, you get to skip the line and sashay into your very own exclusive, red carpet experience every time you receive an email from me. These gems are guaranteed to be roped off from general admission and lawn seats, so you know they’ll be posh!

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