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Details of "Good Riddance," the band's first single released in three years, announced

JULY 19, 2021 (APPLETON, WI) — Some consider it the freakiest day of the year. Maybe you’re one of them… avoiding walking under ladders, steering clear of black cats or gripping mirrors for fear of bad luck.

Hard rock duo Sit Kitty Sit takes a different approach. To bandmates Kat Downs and Mike Thompson, Friday, August 13, is the perfect date to release "Good Riddance," their first single to be released in three years.

“We, and our fans, embrace counterculture,” shares Downs. “For us, it’s not about shock or fear. Instead, it’s about stepping outside of ourselves and seeing the way we’re all connected, even if it’s just for a moment in time.”

That’s the layer Sit Kitty Sit peels back with "Good Riddance." Downs’ riveting vocals and dynamic piano perfectly complements Thompson’s pulsing drums to guide listeners through a bittersweet release. The interlinked combination of grief and relief are the perfect catalyst for anyone who is struggling to let go of the past — whether it was yesterday, last week or decades ago — to be free to fully embrace the future.

On the same day that the single drops, the duo will also release a music video. Shot and edited by Ryan Klassa, it provides a visual illustration of the song’s theme across three distinct centuries: 1880s, 1980s and 2080s.

Downs and Thompson, two highly accomplished veterans of the San Francisco music scene, decided to experiment with the combination of classical piano and rock drumming in 2010. And it worked.

With only two people, and no guitar in sight: “They seem to accomplish more … than most bands do with five [people],” wrote Veronica Kirk for Black on the Canvas.

Touring almost non-stop since 2013, Sit Kitty Sit has become known for consistently electrifying its audiences with powerfully intense live performances and developing a strong community of faithful, almost cult-style following across the U.S. and Europe.

Make sure you check them out at one of their upcoming shows:

  • August 6-8 (5 shows) at Mile of Music in Appleton
  • August 26 (8 p.m.) at X-Ray Arcade in Milwaukee with Andrew David Weber and Whiskey and the Devil
  • September 24 (8 p.m.) at Ruby in Madison with The Family Business
  • October 15 (TBD) at Bay Beach in Green Bay

To learn more about Sit Kit Sit visit https://sitkittysit.com



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