make your brand pop through your unique value prop!


You know... the ones where people know their name, read their blogs, open their emails, comment on their social media pages, and turn to them first when they want to buy.

In fact, you may have wondered: “What’s so different about them?” at least once or twice – or twenty times – before. I’ll tell you. They have a clearly defined brand promise (also known as a unique value proposition) which they make to their audience and hits all the right notes.

Not only do they have a well-defined brand promise, but they aren’t afraid to make it known loudly and clearly; people know the exact value these brands give and how it helps them.

Do you know what makes you valuable to your audience? Do they?

If not, then it’s time you sat down and sorted out your own unique value proposition right now. And I’m here to help you do it! In this self-paced training you will learn how to develop the words you need to dominate your market and make your brand pop.

Most people can’t clearly say the value they’re providing in their business, which is why their businesses limp along, never really going anywhere – or worse, fail all together. I don’t want that for you.

In this free training I’ll guide you step-by-step through several critical tasks:

  • Step 1: Calling a Spade a Rose >> Identify the what and why of your brand promise.
  • Step 2: Understanding Your Target Market >> Gain a detailed understanding of your target market
  • Step 3: Spying on Your Competitors >> Learn what the competition is doing so that you’ll know your point of differentiation
  • Step 4: Blow Away the Competition >> Ensure your product or service can deliver on your brand promise
  • Step 5: Create Your Unique Value Proposition >> Pull it all together to write your masterpiece!

Once you have documented your brand promise everything in your business will become a lot clearer. It will drive all your decisions. And before long, you won’t be getting blank stares from your audience when they see your name or your company’s.

They’ll know exactly who you are and the tremendous value you provide.

self-paced training lessons

There are five primary lessons in this course to help you understand the principles, learn best practices for gaining a better understanding of your target audience, discover how to find out what others in your market are doing.


These worksheets have been designed to help you digest the information, catalog your research and formulate your thoughts.

paparazzi readiness

At the end of this course, you'll be well on your way to having your audience singing your praises.

optional one-hour coaching sesh

There's an opportunity for an optional one-hour of coaching to further refine and optimize the outputs of this course for maximum results.

let's get your brand
a poppin'

self-paced course

  • Self-paced lessons to learn at your own speed
  • Worksheets to capture thoughts and actions you want to take
  • The praise of your audience

zero, zilch, nada

self-paced course +
one-hour coaching session

  • Self-paced lessons to learn at your own speed
  • Worksheets to capture thoughts and actions you want to take
  • The praise of your audience


One-hour to develop an implementation strategy


Disclaimer: In this time of GDPR and FTC crack downs, I need to let you know that I make no representation or promise that you will make any specific amount of money, or any money at all. This information is given purely for informational purposes. You are solely responsible for your use of it. As a bonus, if you weren't already you will become a member of the VIP Posse email crew! It's all of my best stuff... no holding back. And it's 100% free.

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