Words of advice from Frank Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi, and me!

It’s My Life



For instance, two musicians can have completely different measures of success when it comes to their craft. One may believe that getting on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine will be their swan song. The other may want to gig regularly and meet their fans face to face. Neither is wrong. They’re simply different.

When it comes right down to it all any of us can do is be honest with ourselves about what we want. And brave enough to be real with our audience as we go after it.

Frank Sinatra sang about this back in the ‘60s. Written by Paul Anka, but popularized by Sinatra, “My Way” has become an anthem for individuality and an inspiration for living a life without regret.

As a creative, it can be challenging to get rid of the noise and just listen to your own voice. There are people barking at you every which way you turn… all with what they think is best for you.

Sure, they mean well. But are they doing well by you?

Not always, friend.

Any time you lean into someone else’s vision instead of your own, you sacrifice not only your creativity but also your identity. I know, I’ve done it quite a bit myself.

But then I listened to Jon Bon Jovi talk about “It’s My Life,” his band’s homage to the message behind “My Way,” and something clicked. I realized that we ARE all Frankie. We should all do life and business our way.

As a result, here are a few principles I’ve adopted:

  • As much as we’re told to know our audience, which we should, I think it’s much more important that we know ourselves.
  • Every failure is a learning experience. We can allow defeat to crush us or we can come back stronger than before.
  • Nobody should define success for us. We need to march to the beats of our own drums regardless of what others think.
  • Surrounding ourselves with positive people is critical. We truly are the five peple we spend the most time with — let’s make it count.
  • Investing in ourselves is the best use of money and time ever. If we’re not growing as individuals our work will stagnate.
  • We should always do what we’re passionate about. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things but abandoning what we genuinely enjoy in return can be paralyzing.

From now on let’s agree to live our lives our way. Cool?

As we embrace the idea of defining success on our own terms, just like the inspiring melodies of Sinatra's "My Way" or Bon Jovi's "It’s My Life," it's important to pause and ponder our own stories. In our quest to craft authentic, meaningful businesses, it's not just about the goals we reach, but the journey we take to get there.

Let's go a bit deeper into what shapes our individual paths. Think about what truly constitutes success for you, how your personal experiences have influenced your business approach and the ways you can continue to grow and flourish as a creative entrepreneur.

These questions aren't just food for thought; they're a conversation with yourself about your unique journey in the world of creativity and business.

Reflective Prompt No. 1 

The mainstream may sing a chorus of universal benchmarks: financial milestones, widespread recognition, or viral fame. But as a creative solopreneur, your definition of success might be an entirely different melody. Perhaps it's the ability to stay true to your artistic vision, the joy of connecting deeply with a small but engaged audience, or the satisfaction of balancing your creative passions with personal well-being.

How does your definition of success differ from the mainstream narrative in your field?

  • Consider the traditional measures of success in your industry. How do these align or clash with your personal values and aspirations?
  • Think about what makes you feel genuinely fulfilled and accomplished in your work. Is it creative freedom, the impact you have on your audience, or something else entirely?

Reflective Prompt No. 2 

Every creative solopreneur's journey is a tapestry woven from unique experiences and lessons. These experiences shape not only your approach to business but also your artistry and vision. Whether it's overcoming a difficult challenge, pivoting after a setback, or finding inspiration in unexpected places, these moments are the building blocks of your entrepreneurial spirit.

What personal experiences have shaped your approach to your creative business?

  • Recall a turning point in your career. How did this experience change your approach or philosophy in business and creativity?
  • Identify a challenge you've overcome. What did it teach you about resilience, adaptability, or innovation in your field?

Reflective Prompt No. 3 

As artists and entrepreneurs, personal growth is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. Investing in yourself — be it through education, self-care, networking, or exploring new creative avenues — is paramount to not only your business's growth but also your personal evolution. This investment could manifest in various forms, from attending workshops to nurture your skills, seeking mentorship, or even dedicating time to explore new artistic mediums.

In what ways can you invest in your personal growth to further enrich your creative work?

  • Contemplate areas in your life or business where growth is desired. How can you actively seek out opportunities for learning and development in these areas?
  • Think about balance. How can you invest in your well-being to ensure you remain creatively energized and inspired?

Jon Bon Jovi speaks about this idea of being true to ourselves in this clip I found through Oprah’s Masterclass.

being yourself gives your fans permission to be themselves.

— Andrea Hubbert


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