giving back

"I'm repping for the girls who taking over the world"
— beyonce

Like Beyoncé sang about in "Who Run the World," I believe in consciously choosing other women because we deserve to know that we've been chosen, especially in professional situations. Full stop.

Women have vast knowledge and expertise in all areas — innovation, ideation, imagination, collaboration, leadership, etc. There's no doubt in my mind that we'll be a better business community, and world, once we get rid of the systems that keep us small.

Let me say that I am merely one person working to help other women be seen, empowered to use their voices, and feel supported when they share their talents and build their brands. It is my firm belief that when you are part of a community, instead of simply serving it, your capacity to affect change increases exponentially.

That's why I am making two commitments. 

My commitments

pro bono session

I will donate one hour each quarter to any female musician who wants either a PR Power Hour or Hair-On-Fire session but may not be able to fit it into their budget right now. Email me through my contact page to learn more. (You can learn about both offerings here.)

quarterly donation

Every quarter, I support charitable organizations that support the creative endeavors of women.  

Third Quarter Organization

women's fund
of greater milwaukee

The Women's Fund's vision is that greater Milwaukee is an inclusive world-class community where women and girls realize their full potential and everyone thrives. As a community foundation, they are working toward this aspiration by working to grow its endowment to ensure there are always resources available to strategically support initiatives to advance equity for women and girls. We are the only foundation in Milwaukee that does this. You can learn more about the Women's Fund of Greater Milwaukee here.

35th Anniversary Celebration

Organizational Infographic

2019 Annual Report

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