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It takes a great deal of work and thought to craft a unique value proposition (brand promise) that resonates, so as you go out into the world and test yours I'd like to invite you to keep a few key principles in mind:

  • Ensure your potential buyers and fans can understand it at a glance. Make it quick and easy to read by avoiding industry-speak, technical terms or any other words a casual reader won't get.
  • Neither broadness nor narrowness work in your favor. Trying to broadly appeal to everyone won't differentiate you, and your appeal will be lost. Likewise, going too narrow runs the risk of alienation. Find a balance so that you'll appeal to more than 10 people!
  • Conveying your uniqueness is the name of the game. Check out your competition to see what they offer so that you can figure out how you can use your strengths (against their weaknesses) to set yourself apart.
  • Speak directly to your audience. Use your words to show that you understand your audience's pains, desires and aspirations. Otherwise, you may drive them away.
  • Change is good. Stay relevant by continuing to listen to your market and adjusting as appropriate.
  • You can get ideas for the right language to use by looking at websites, companies, products and marketing materials that are popular with your target market. They'll show you the type of image and language the market likes. You can then take this image and add your own personal touch to it.

No amount of research will make success a certainty, but with a good UVP you have a solid foundation and you're no longer walking around blindly. You now have a clear picture of what makes you unique which can drive all your decisions moving forward.

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