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One thing that will send your progress to a screeching halt is that voice inside your head telling you what you can't do. 

Whether it manifests as criticism, as doubt, or even as fear, your dreams can quickly implode if you let it get the better of you. It can cause problems like procrastination or self-sabotage, and the only way to avoid this is to become conscious of what is holding you back.

Have you ever had a creative block? Have you ever procrastinated without truly knowing why? All of these negative habits happen for a reason, and it's my mission to help you fight back and conquer them! With my experience, I can help you identify road blocks that are getting in your way, and then guide you to replace them with positive habits that will lead to success and inspiration.

You don't have to go through these difficult times alone. I can help you ignite a spark!

I want to form a true partnership with you, where I will support you in your endeavor until you can spread your wings and fly on your own. No matter what sort of approach you're taking when bringing your vision to life—whether you work for someone else or are an entrepreneur—I am here to use my collective experience to your advantage. I will give you a clear, actionable road map toward your goals.

All businesses need tweaking, and the ones led from the heart are no exception. Let me help you form a communication strategy that is based on a sense of abundance and that truly highlights what you want to give to the world. It would be my pleasure to help you meet your customers from that powerful place of joy and enthusiasm, rather than that weak place that comes from fear.

  • Good Advice!
  • individual coaching
  • group masterminds
  • team workshops

Sometimes the challenges you're facing aren't yours alone, and your whole team needs coaching to get continue moving forward.

I design workshops around your specific concerns that will help ignite team members so that your business can run on the group’s collective creative passion. Through these workshops I will help your team:

  • Become more innovative and lose their fear of thinking outside-of-the-box.
  • Realize what is most important to move forward and build goals around those insights.
  • Learn how to properly showcase the greatest attributes and benefits of your product or service to customers.
  • Build a solid communications foundation.

Team workshops take place over the course of one day, which can be run at your own location. Please keep in mind that there is a set limit of 12 participants because individual attention is important... which is difficult to do with more than a dozen team members per session.

After the workshop, I won't abandon you! All participants will be entitled to email support for 30 days following the workshop. They will also receive materials that will help to further reinforce and implement important concepts. In addition, each has the option to book three individual coaching sessions at a reduced rate.

About Me

I help heart-centered businesses design communications strategies that spark conversation, ignite action and drive growth.

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