welcome, accelerate to profits bestie... Ready to stop storytelling and start storyselling?

Humans are hardwired to remember stories. Using stories to sell yourself or your products and services is a compelling way to connect with customers, which is why getting it right is so important.

But storytelling by itself is not enough.

You need to start storyselling, too. This does more than just captivate, entertain, and build a bond. Storyselling drives action and purchase.

Let me break it down for you: 

  • Storytelling is great for sharing information, entertaining, or influencing your audience
  • Storyselling has a much more clear objective: it's about getting your peeps to take action (buy your thing... join your program... attend your event)

Storyselling offers that little extra panache that gets your audience to fall in love with your offers, and then makes them trip all over themselves to make sure they don't miss out on them... every single time you ask. 

It's time to level up your storytelling. Here's how...

There are five ingredients needed to craft a storyselling cocktail that will tickle your audience’s toenails:

  • Recipe No. 1 — Understand how storyselling differs from storytelling
  • Recipe No.  2 — Applying storyselling principles during each phase of the buying cycle 
  • Recipe No.  3 — Staying focused on the customer when storyselling 
  • Recipe No.  4 — Using the storyselling process to convey value 
  • Recipe No.  5 — Planning for strong CTAs during the storyselling process 

In a few short hours you could...

  • Absolutely set yourself apart from the competition by speaking authentically and intentionally with your peeps
  • Be confident in sharing your uniqueness because it cannot be duplicated or copied no matter how hard others try
  • Have all eyes on you because you've cracked the code on calling your audience to action in a way that feels good for you both

Download my recipe guide to get started right now! 

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