Hub and Company

Meet Andrea Hubbert, Chief Strategist + Business Growth Enabler

Andrea's passion is to help businesses succeed with strategic planning and market intelligence.

Using her significant background in business development, public relations, marketing, and sales, she has steered marketing campaigns for organizations of all types... from the smallest non-profits to the largest corporations.

At her core, Andrea is a problem-solver. She has a keen eye to distinguish what will drive customers to buy, and a knack for helping companies increase their revenue. As a business growth enabler, she is supportive and insightful, with a deep understanding of business growth principles.

Work with Andrea, and her world-class consultants at Hub+company, to determine the key trends and tools that will produce concrete results for your business.


"Andrea is extremely intelligent. Her abilities transcend so many different skillset. Working with Andrea is like solving a Rubik's cube. You can look at it from many different angles, but it is not until it is viewed in its completeness do you realize the beauty of the complexity it holds. Andrea is more than capable in many areas, but she is best when allowed to push the boundaries." Mickey M.

"Andrea’s ability to communicate through any medium in any situation is simply impressive. Andrea easily grasps complex business scenarios and identifies exactly what needs to be communicated. Her innovative ideas and creativity are second to none." Leslie O.

"Andrea is a creative and driven marketing professional with clear vision for her clients' successes. She is an effective communicator with ability to bring clarity to complex issues businesses face in their marketing efforts. Andrea is also gifted in bringing diverse talent together." Julie W.