Imposter Syndrome and Six Other Entrepreneurial Blocks

It’s easy to forget that your thoughts can play a huge role in whether you’ll experience success or failure. Not only that, they might even cloud success, forcing you to downplay it instead of proudly celebrating it.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur if they want to be one. But, it’s possible you may have to let go of old ways of thinking and doing things. You may have to push your boundaries like you never have before... and for sure you have to get over the idea that when you work, even if you’re not productive, you’re going to collect a paycheck.


Overcoming imposter syndrome, and these other six entrepreneurial blocks, starts with being honest with yourself about:

  • Feeling Like a Fraud Despite Your Successes – This is also known as Imposter Syndrome. It’s real, and it impacts men and women alike. For many, regardless of their personal achievements and professional accolades, they feel like a fraud who’s about to be exposed in any minute. This is not the case. You are uniquely qualified. Accept it.
  • Keeping Up with the Joneses – Yep, this term has application for businesses too. Far too often, entrepreneurs believe they need to be just like everyone else in their space; aspiring to do, say, or be like a specific guru. Don’t fall for it. Entrepreneurs study their competition to learn what works and doesn’t work – and then set forth to improve on what they've uncovered during their research.
  • Being Negative Nellys or Skeptical Sallys – It’s smart not to barrel forward without considering where you’re going or how you’ll get there. That’s called being a boss. However, don’t let your negativity and skepticism become hindrances. When you trust yourself and the plan you’ve laid out for your business it becomes easier to assess a situation and determine who to trust to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Relying on What Others Think – Who’s business is this… yours or theirs? It’s yours! To be successful, you have to stop wasting time wondering what others think. Focus on your own thoughts. If you are happy with the work you’ve accomplished at the end of each day, then that’s all that matters. Trust your instincts.
  • Succumbing to Analysis Paralysis – Taking the time to analyze and evaluate situations from multiple angles is necessary when there’s so much on the line. But it shouldn’t stop you from moving forward. When it does, you've succumbed to fear of failure. But here's the thing: we all fail. Sometimes more than we'd like to admit. It’s an important part of the process. Learn from it.
  • Forgetting to Believe in Yourself – You can do it. We have faith in you. Put all of those childhood memories aside and learn to believe in yourself, too. It's time to push past the discomfort armed with the knowledge that the other side will reward you with strength, expertise and a launchpad for success.
  • Striving for Perfection – It simply doesn’t exist. We’ve been bamboozled by those slick ads and outrages claims that promise to help us achieve it. As entrepreneurs, our desire for perfection can often lead us down a slippery slope of procrastination. It may be hard to accept, but in most instances, good enough truly is good enough; entrepreneurship is an iterative journey.

Overcoming these success blockers takes accepting that they exist. If you have often called yourself a perfectionist, take a hard look at yourself. You might find that you’re not a perfectionist at all, you’re just scared to be wrong and to fail. Let that go and move forward so that you can put some successes under your belt. The more you know how that feels the more you’ll want to experience it.

Our thoughts can play a huge role in whether we’ll experience success or failure. This blog post shares strategies to eliminate seven entrepreneurial blocks.

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    excellent article. keeper in the binder of me and my journey!

    • So glad you enjoyed it! It’s definitely a reference article over here too.

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